Exercise improves the overall health of people with milder Multiple Sclerosis.

It helps people with more severe MS to stay as mobile and active as possible.

It helps people to manage MS symptoms & decrease risk of heart disease. It improves muscle strength & fitness.

It helps mobility problems especially when combined with a healthy & well balanced diet.

MOTOmed Exercise Bikes

The exercise bikes are both passive and motor assisted allowing the user to enjoy effective and gentle exercise. The benefit being that even a user with very minimal muscle strength can still gain complete and even pedal movements during this training.

The bikes have the facility to operate in a forward and backward movement at the press of a button. The bikes also have a Movement Protector with Spasm Control.( If a spasm occurs, the motor stops automatically and after a few moments the pedals start rotating slowly again in the opposite direction, allowing muscles to relax and tensions relieved)

The Medimotion trainer also offers the option of exercising the arms and upper body.

Using the bikes help to loosen muscles and reduce spasticity.

Medimotion Bike



Chinesport Standing Frame.


The chinesport standing frame gently raises the person from a sitting position (either chair or wheelchair) to a upright position.

Standing may also contribute to our feeling of self-esteem and identity. For example many people stand and check how they look each day in a the mirror. As well as contributing to feeling of well-being, regular standing may also prevent or reverse some of the complications which can arise because of prolonged sitting which, if left unchecked can lead to greater levels of disability.        


For some people with MS, the ability to stand and balance independently can become more difficult as their legs become weaker and this often results with most of the day spent sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Although standing may still be possible, poor balance often means that arms have to be used for support.Sitting for long periods of time can cause other problems to develop which can further increase disability and reduce independence. These include weakening of the trunk and upper body muscles, painful joints,constipation,increased spasms,pressure ulcers and tightness in the muscles.

   Regular standing in a standing frame may help to prevent or relieve some of these problems. .

Weighing Scales

In January 2011 we used our newly acquired  weighing scale for the first time. For some people (especially those confined to wheelchairs) this was the first time they had received a record of their weight for years. It also gives members the opportunity to check their body mass index (BMI) We now use the scales on a monthly basis and personal records are  kept enabling people to monitor their own progress.


Weighing scales


What is Body Mass Index

Body mass index is a useful tool used to quickly workout and establish if someone is a healthy weight for their height. Although your BMI does not tell you your actual body fat percentage, it is does give you a general idea if you are the recommended and healthy weight for your height.

The BMI is widely used by doctors as a diagnostic tool, as it can show instantly if there are any problems with your weight. It is important to know your BMI, and more importantly make sure it is within a healthy range, as being overweight can lead to an increased risk of having more serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Equipment Demonstration

MS Mondays has had a demo from Medimotion of this frame. It gave members who had not stood for quite a while the opportunity to stand and move around independently.

The seat is designed to help the user to transfer from a wheelchair to the frame.This standing frame enables the user to assume and maintain an upright position, and to move around indoors independently without assistance from a carer It helps to improve posture and circulation and certainly gives the user a great feel good factor.

For further details contact www.medimotion.co.uk

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