Therapy for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a complicated disease that can be difficult to define, and difficult to describe to those who don’t experience the nerve pain, muscle spasms and other physical limitations.

As MS symptoms begin to interfere with you mobility or energy levels, your social life can suffer, and eventually, many people with MS become anxious and depressed. Joining together with a group of people who understand your feelings and symptoms can provide a welcome bonding opportunity.

Unfortunately, keeping your feelings and thoughts to yourself can be both emotionally and physically damaging. Art therapy can help you express the emotional impact of MS without the need for words, alleviating  stress and helping you forge better connections with friends and family.

                        How Art Therapy Works

The purpose of art therapy is to relieve stress, communicate emotions, and restore a sense of control and confidence.

For many people with MS, simply holding a paint brush is a significant challenge, but don’t let that discourage you. The end product is not necessarily the most important part of the therapy; The act of creating is what relieves tension , encourages self-exploration, and supports social activity.    

  Diverting your thoughts and focusing on a proactive activity like Water Colour Painting, for a period of time is useful for relieving stress. Water Colour Painting is a fantastic way to transfer focus, and the slow, repetitive movements of painting can physically calm the body.

Here are some of our member’s paintings……